Dedicated Source for Burn Injury Victims and Survivors is a dedicated source of legal and medical information regarding serious burn injuries caused by fires, chemical spills, explosions, electrocutions, or other sources of extreme heat and/or flame.

Severe burns can be life altering injuries, affecting not only the burn victim, but family members and friends as well. We hope that, through this website, you can find all of the information that you would need, medically and legally, to help carry on life the way it was before your catastrophic injury.

If your questions are regarding an untreated burn injury, call a physician right away. Medical treatment is required for a serious burn injury to properly heal. We will be here to help you once you have received the proper medical treatment.

For questions regarding legal settlements and verdicts for burn injury cases, visit our settlements and verdicts page.

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Learn simple precautions that you can take in your home and with your family to help protect yourself and your loved ones from burn injuries.
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